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Thread: Remote Procedure Call(rpc) Terminated-help???

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    Remote Procedure Call(rpc) Terminated-help???

    hi all and thnks for your responds,
    used my son pc to access nett last night and his pc is rebooting every 10-15 minutes with message remote procedure call has beren terminated you pc will be shut in 60 seconds -and it does.
    this pc has gigabute motherboard 256 doublesided memory,
    one hard disk 20g and cd rom, floopy and 250w power supply.
    so nothing 2 much.
    power supply is sufficent for that pc.
    look little bit into RPC Services but couldnt find enything interesting
    Why this service is terminating?and what can cause it?
    this pc has never been on nett before and nothing has been downloaded from nett either.
    is it virus which was unpopular few months back which was cutting internet connection once you were connected?
    when checking compatibility nothing is shown wrong?
    any suggestions?
    probably scanning with virus will not hurt will try that first as a start.
    so message comes RPC-remote procedure call has been terminated-your pc will shat down in 60 sec.

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    sry has intel celeron 2 678mhz cpu and has xp profesional sp1

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    you have msblaster

    you should really update all your patches at microsoft and run a firewall before connection to the net.

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