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Thread: windows xp finding process locations

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    windows xp finding process locations

    i have this wierd program running and i need to find out where the exe file is so i can delete it. is there any way to find this out using the windows task manager? im running windows xp home.

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    Why not just use the 'search' function built into explorer?


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    Check this site for a program called Process Explorer:

    Also check here for a program called F-port
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    i just meant is there a way to do it with task manager, but i guess there isnt so ill just use a third party task manager. thanx

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    don't u want to know smth more about this process?
    just try this if you like....

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    I had often wondered, What are all these processes under task manager and what do they mean?

    Found the info above VERY useful thanks guys!

    Porcexpnt from sysinternals +

    tells you what they are!

    Love it!

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    Just "deleting" the file may not be the answer. I am assuming finding what the exe belongs to and where it resides yo will remove what ever it belongs to as well as any registry links to it.

    It is a pity that M$ didn't allow a optional column of "file location".. but then the third part software ppl would not be needed then would they .. huh?

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