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Thread: Best AntiVirus

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    Best AntiVirus

    hey guys, what do you think the overall best antivirus is?

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    Whatever gets the job done for you without pissing you off. For me, Panda and Norton for full scans and then Mcafee's stand alone program called Stinger is great for mass scanning ( it only scans for the newest viruses though.)

    Try what you want -

    Mcafee - Trial (Stinger is free)

    Norton - Trial

    Panda - Free

    AVG Antivirus - Free

    Bit Defender - Free

    These are the only ones I would reccommend. So just try these out and see what works best.
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    in my opinion kaspersky is the best.. not free, but trialware

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    As an alternative to a program, you can try Trend Micro's Housecall . Always the newest definitions, without any of the [sarcasm] "hassle" [/sarcasm] of installing a program and updating the defs.

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    The best antivirus system is end-user education.
    - Stugein

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    Existing anti-virus systems are obsolete.

    New types are being developed as we speak, dealing primarily with worms at first, but you get the idea. This will allow systems to detect and defend unknown malware.

    For further reading, (much of which based upon: ) give a read over the attached pdf document.


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    i think that norton is the best. its great cause its free.

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    Great recommendations and comments, but the bestest or greatest is useless unless you keep it completely updated and also layer your protection with AV, Spyware detection stuff, Firewall, etc., and keep them updated as well.


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    norton is free?
    what are you saying dude?
    are you drunk?
    norton has a great support.i won't recommend any av software.i will just say that i had a box infected by netsky and the updated version of f-secure couldn't do anything at all .i just downloaded the fixnetsky from and that's it.....

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    I am a huge fan of trend micros PCCillin. My version checks every 3 hours ( you can change this to your liking) it also gives you a heads up display if theres a new virus in the wild, and will ask you to update.

    great user console comes with a firewall and doesnt seem to take up near as much cpu usage as norton
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