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Thread: WIN XP Pro password problem on network

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    WIN XP Pro password problem on network

    I just hooked a WIN XP PRO Dell on a small business (peer to peer) network. I can see and connect from this Dell to any other computer on the network.

    But if I go to a different PC and go My Network Places, I can see the Dell fine but when I go and click on the compuer icon it shows as logon name (I'm assuming) //KIM/IPC$ and asks for a password. When I enter the password of the admin of the Dell (spano), it says incorrect password.

    I believe I have to enter the admin password because it is not asking for a user name. With XP Pro, can I change the admin password just like WIN 2000?

    Also, should I create a second user on the Dell with a password so other computers can access this computer with a different user? Would this give me the option on other computers to select a user instead of just showing //KIM/IPC$?

    I am pretty new to WIN XP in a network and I'm having trouble finding info on the matter.

    Thanks for any helpful suggestions...

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    First- yes you can change the Administrator password. But, the Administrator account doesn't show up on the Welcome screen by default.

    To see ALL of the User Accounts you need to go into the Computer Management console (right-click on My Computer and select Manage or go to Administrative Tools and select Computer Management). Then click the plus sign next to Local Users and Groups and click on Users.

    You can right-click on any user to change the password, rename or delete the account. If you select Properties you can do other tasks such as disabling the account or setting it so that the user MUST change the password at the next login or the user can NOT change the password, etc.

    Second- have you enabled file and folder sharing and/or actually shared out a device or drive? You can share printers, drives, folders, files, etc. generally by right-clicking it and selecting Sharing and Security where you can add new shares and set the permissions for who can or can not access the resource.

    Hope that helps.

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