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Thread: my ports on my computer

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    well i got a few ports closed as far as netmeeting goes it is not loaded but there is a folder in win/program files/netmeeting . just want to thansk to all for the good info. i have trojanhunter3.8 how good is that prog???

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    Eh? Whats bad about it? What I know, many computers are running 139.
    Thats file sharing, it can be a very good or bad thing to have it on.

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    go to

    this is an easy to understand one

    it tells you what every thing means

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    Originally posted here by disturb
    go to

    this is an easy to understand one

    it tells you what every thing means
    well i went there and it said that everything was closed or stealth

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    Security and GRC

    Interesting to see GRC posted here, I've been using their advice for years. I wondered just how effective their advice was about reconfiguring the ports on your system, and found out its effectiveness when my service provider's tech support group attempted to ping my computer. Their reaction..."What computer, is it even on??".

    Does anyone have any experiences with this type of reconfiguring and problems they have encountered by closing off all of their ports?

    My advice to the NetBios port, close that thing off immediately, it was anticipated to be one of the largest vulnerabilities to the Windows platform years ago. Why MS continues to ship out the OS with this port open is beyond me.

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    i don't know what i'm looking at. i scanned my self to see what i had open i used sscan205 and used the scanner list here is what i this bad??? if so how can i close them...
    |___ 110 [pop3] Post Office Protocol - Version 3
    |___ 135 [epmap] DCE endpoint resolution
    |___ 139 [netbios-ssn] NETBIOS Session Service
    |___ 389 [ldap] Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
    |___ 445 [microsoft-ds] Microsoft-DS
    |___ 1025 [blackjack] network blackjack
    |___ 1720 [h323hostcall] h323hostcall
    |___ 5000 [commplex-main] ?
    what is socket 23???
    What you're looking at is 8 different ports that are currently open running different services. The name to the right of the port number is the service that is running. Running unneccessary services on your computer is a bad idea. Example 139, if your not using this disable it. There are plenty of tutorials at on basic security for your PC.

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    why not just get a sofware firewall which will stealth all of those?

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