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    Techcenter Page

    Well, after much trial and error, I got the image into the background. No one posted on the other thread so I just played around in photoshop for about an hour and got something that looked good enough for them. The final product isn't exactly what I wanted since the background doesn't automatically resize to fit the screen but they are only looking at it at 800x600 and 1024x768 and it looks good at both resolutions. They like how it looks with the background too and since it's there site that is fine by me. The php scripting worked fine, it's now being used to allow the staff to update both the calendar and the weekly events, although they haven't got around to it yet. They can now update both the calendar and 7 day weekly planner, using a password protected page that is forbidden to non-lan clients. Anyway, comments and suggestions are readily welcome, however, again it is not me making the final decision, it's whatever the board and instructors want.

    Here it is

    Comments, questions, suggestions ?

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    Not a bad little website you got yourself there mate..
    Musta put a lot of effort into that, the proof is in the pudding so to speak hey..


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    Re: Techcenter Page

    Originally posted here by Nick Nicklyn
    The final product isn't exactly what I wanted since the background doesn't automatically resize to fit the screen but they are only looking at it at 800x600 and 1024x768 and it looks good at both resolutions.
    THEY are looking. But what about other people, heh?)

    But to other things - if I were you I would start using external CSS because it would be MUCH easier for you to change anything on your page. Or to make more than only one layout. (i.e. one for printing, one for pda and two color versions). Other advantage is that your code would be much shorter. i.e. instead of seting image border to 0 in every linked image you can have in your CSS only: a img {border:none;} etc.

    Design - it's ok. But i would change the color of that little circles you have there - the blue color isn't IMHO the best pick and the rollover effect with red color is with this blue color even worse. I would also change the style of borders you are using - something flat and different color. If you have problems with picking up the right color combination you can use something like easy RGB.

    Other thing - you dont use <h1><h2> tags... Why? This tags are really important because google and some other engines pay a big attention to texts in this tags. So it helps your SEO. So write your text with <h1><h2><strong> etc... And than format it...

    Thats all for now Good luck. (I'm not even talking about using table design instead of css, validity of code etc...)


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    A few things: there are four schools that attend the tech center, the colors for two of the schools are blue and white, and the other two schools are red and white. Therefore, I had to have equal amounts of both blue and red. AND both blue and red needed to be included. So, cannot change colors of buttons no matter what it looks like, same thing with links, they need to be red and blue, they are blue before you click on them, red after, equal amounts, they have to be, period. Background then could either be a mixture of both blue and red, or could be a color non-associated with any school, so it became green and white. Borders of tables are big and embossed because they wanted the embossed table look. They wanted to have the entire page have an etched look and there needed to be well defined edges on everything. The only visitors of the page are going to be using normal computers, no pda or other support necessary. Originally they didn't want to have web search engines index the site at all, so I had a robots.txt file that diallowed /* then they changed there mind and just wanted it to index it normally, and they are directly pointing anyone who needs to visit the site to it either from the main IRESA page or from business cards or direct word of mouth. So search engine support doesn't matter at all. Some of the browsers were old and there were a few odd-ball things that they had in effect so I could only use an extremely minimal amount of css, if you look most o fit it is repeated in the <BODY tag anyway, so those that support the css benefit from it, those that don't, it doesn't make too big of a difference.

    So as for all of those things, I was just doing what I was told, same as the background, I thought that it looked better with solid #CCDDCC but they wanted that texture behind the etched edges of the tables.

    The only thing that I was unable to do, was get the background image to auto size to be 100% both vertical and horizontal and I was unable to find out how to easily do this without doing some long javascript that echos to a variable the current size of the browser window which is then inputed into a tag to adjust the size of the image which is then used as the background.

    So if anyone can tell me how I can get the image to autosize to fit the entire background, and have it use only one image, and have that image not scroll, I would be very grateful.

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