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Thread: Forum Ethics

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    Forum Ethics

    I am fuming overhere. My boyfriend joined this forum, which i rather not say the name, and the peckers overthere expose people's IP. Now he gets into an argument for whatever reasons with some of the posters there and sure enough, one of them decides to hack me.

    Now I asked the site's administrator to ommit people's ip from their posts and nothing.
    This is what happened. Thru my ip the guy was able to use a password buster and access my router. Once inside my router, he set up a block remotely so that my ip wouldn't access the site anymore.
    The only response I got from them was that it's not theirresponsibility to provide me with any security, but in the meantime, I wasn't asking for that. I was asking for some ethics and to have people's ip removed from their posts, since it presents no purpose to their forum.

    These guys are not computer savy. They don't know the difference between a firewall and a router. The admin told me to rely on zonealarm and that's when I wanted to die laughing.
    Do I need to send them a tuttorial? LOL! Times like this I feel so safe about posting here at AO.

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    Hi amnesiac,

    Could you PM me with the link to the forum...............I am always available for a bit if fun, so I will deliberately wind them up, and go from there?

    I have several boxes, so I can do that sort of thing ...............I just reformat & reinstall........interesting challenge as I see it?


    Happy Easter


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    or you could have used a proxy?
    but would be intrested in seeing the site as well - idiots like that are always good for a laugh


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    Yea post it. Oh yea. Install a decent firewall. search around here. you can find plenty of suggestions

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    PLEASE post the link to that site..
    The members of AO could all sign up there, and pretty much show 'em how to Troll a forum, god we've had so many failed attempts here, i think it's time we showed the rest of 'em how it's really done.
    (I mean that we have had Trolls come from other sites, and try to make a nuisance of them selves.)


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    Here's the link to the ip discussion there.;f=19;t=009555

    I don't need to explain, it speaks for itself.

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    After reading that I can see these are some really stupid people but what can you expect it's not intended to be about computers.

    Originally posted by nyguy:
    Firewalls such as zone alarm and black ice are also easy to break in and unless I get a cisco router worth thousands of dollars with a top notch security configuration, I don't see a home system that is 100% hacker proof.
    No, those firewalls are NOT easy to break into. That's why they work. And even if you DO have a thousand dollar router from CISCO, you aren't 100% hacker proof. I don't care if you spend 90 million dollars to have some specialist put in the most secure network on earth, you are NOT 100% safe. There is always somebody somewhere who will EVENTUALLY get into it if they really want.
    Everybody knows no computer is hack proof and will never be as he stated. Firewalls work (correct me if I'm mistaken) to slow down this hacker to try to warn you that they are attempting to break in so you can try to do something about it but not to keep the hacker out because that would be impossible. Not even the United States goverment has a 100% hack proof goverment.

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    well from just looking at the thread, it looks like the admin granted your husbands request.

    Dennis G --- Administrator

    posted 04-06-2004 10:06 PM

    Ok, no big deal...

    I turned them off for public display but they are still logged for admins and moderators to view if necessary.

    Everyone happy now
    so perseverance paid off.. congrats..

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    IMO, it's fairly irresponsible for a person running a forum of any type (and no, I didn't look at the link) to publicly display a members IP address unless the member has agreed to it. Wouldn't that fall under some kind of privacy issue? Most forums don't even display to moderators, only to Admin.
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    Tennessee Deer Hunters... how much can you narrow down your user base? Heh. provides a forum for people who couldn't care less about computers. All they care about is providing a public forum for deer hunting (and that's not meant in a bad way).

    IP adressess's shouldn't be made public on a public forum. An IP address should only be used by a website to track traffic, and to investigate misuse. I don't have any experience with the BB used by, but I assume "show IP of poster" or whatever is just a standard setting of that board.

    Here's JupiterMedia's privacy policy.

    IP's are displayed to moderators on this board, Deb... they go for about $.20 for a Junior Member, $.75 for a senior, and $1.2 for an 11-dot member. And Tedob's IP goes for $1,400.
    Yours goes for $750, btw (Addict, 11 dots, top-10 list AP's, female).

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