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Thread: Invalid User?

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    Invalid User?

    From the Quicktips list page I clicked to view VK's (VictorKaum) and was given the.....

    Invalid user specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the webmaster

    which I thought was odd - this is the link from the quicktips page

    but after hunting down a post by VK I got his real profile page here

    note the different user ID numbers? odd


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    ok is effecting more than just VK and they all seem to ahve the same user ID number given to them

    so far it is ::

    • xmaddness
    • avenger_jcc
    • VictorKaum
    • Specter6
    • preacherman481
    • SoggyBottom
    • zigar
    • blunt23

    there may be more but think thats it - it doesn't happen to each person for every link to their profile from that page.

    xmaddness appears near the middle of the page with the correct link
    then near the bottom he has the weird 32767 user id number


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    The data had gotten corrupted somehow, and that incorrect userid had been associated with a number of the quick tips. They've all been corrected in the database now.

    - h
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