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    Pentium 4

    Dear Ones:
    I have a P 4 2.4 GHZ CPU, on VIA chipset with 256 DDR, 64 MB Geforce2 AGP and 80 GB HDD, the problem is in system information and other CPU infopages my processor clock speed is showing as 1800 Mhz, and it takes average of 8.3 cycles to complete a floating point operation, my old PIII 1.1 GHZ takes 3.2 Cpu cycles for a floating point operation,
    Please let me know what is the problem...

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    Get the Intel (R) Processor Frequency ID Utility to check if you do not have a fake box on your hands. Also the Intel (R) Chipset Identification Utility to further check it.

    Hope these links help. Also hope you have a genuine Intel on your hands.

    I know these links have been posted. I am not trying to assume credit for them. however, information is free for transfer.

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    hi there
    when starting pc go to bios and in advance option check cpu frequency multiple setting(auto)
    and cpu frequency multiple (5.0x). if this is not set up corectly it will show you wrong cpu speed.
    if you have motherboard user guide have a look into it for a setting or if you dont have it find manual for it on google
    was willing to find it for you but you didnt mention motherboard model
    hope this help

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