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Thread: RARP windows tool

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    Question RARP windows tool

    I need a tool for RARP . what tool do you suggest for windowsplatform ?
    I would like to resolve the mac to iP
    I use AIRSNARE to watch my Accesspoint to see who is trying to scan or connect to my accesspoint.
    When a not allowed User tries to connect AIRSNARE recons the macadress.
    But I would like to see more. therefore I tought I would look in google for rarp tools
    but I did not find a freeware tool.
    comandline or windows-program .
    any suggestions ?


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    RARP needs a filled database to be able to map mac to ip (it isn't dynamic).
    RARP is basicly the predecessor of BOOTP which in turn got superseded by DHCP.
    So it doesn't do what you want/need.

    You can probably use tcpdump (or windump) and filter on that mac address. The resulting capture should also include its ip address. It will also give you "evidence" because you are logging all his/her actions.
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    hello sirdice
    thanks alot for your help !
    I have windump I will try this as you suggested

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    I've used CC Get MAC Address in the past to resolve an IP address from a MAC address. The program is not free but does have a fully functioning trial period. That program is available here:

    Neat little app that does a pretty good job in my opinion..
    - Maverick

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