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Thread: ~Extra NIC for notebook~

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    ~Extra NIC for notebook~

    Hi, i have a notebook (Fujitsu) that already built in with a modem, LAN & WLAN. I would like to know can i able to add 1 more network card in my laptop? is the only option are plug to my PC card slot? cause i would like to set a NAT in my laptop. any suggestion to how i set NAT in my notebook? any recommend stable network card? can i use the different brand of NIC from my original card? and can i add an antenna for my wireless card? cause i would like my receive connection for wireless become stronger~! is that possible?? or any others hardware can help to for that? thankz in advance.

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    There are a gazillion USB NICs available. Some even dual as external storage devices. I have used various varieties from netgear.
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