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Thread: tojan problem

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    tojan problem

    do any of you know of a program that runs in the background and is currently checkong for trojans and back doors

    I want this becouse i am 95% sure that i have a rat running on my computer becouse file are being uplaoded called(you have been hacked into ) and some time files are moved to another location. the problem is my antivirus cant find it

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    google "The Cleaner".... update it and run it...... if you have a known RAT it'll find it....
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    The product is run in the background and monitors for unknown processes that launch themselves during a session. EDIT: It is called "Winsonar"

    If you have something that regular stuff won't detect that might work.

    You need to be a bit careful to turn off the "kill unknown processes" option or it won't report any new process, just block it


    "The Cleaner" from Moosoft is a very good product, but as Tiger pointed out, it has to be a known malware, so remember to update it!

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