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Thread: Spam this thread plz!!!!!

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    Spam this thread plz!!!!!

    hey everyone, spam this thread!!!! youll probably neg me and call me a post whore, but all i want to do is see how many responses i can generate.

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    MemorY or d00dz, grow the **** up.

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    So spam! Taste good with beer. Well a lot of beer. Then there is this spam which personally i think is just another way "the man" is keeping us down.

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    I posted a thread in Tech Humor, and it tells you how to "Make Spam".
    But then again this might not be the sort of "Spam" he wants.
    Well i carn't help you so bye bye..


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    MemorY or d00dz, grow the **** up.
    thats not me, i know deathmetal he goes to CIS with me. his name is Corey. and plz close this thread, this is plain dumb, dont we have the non-sensical thread for this ****...

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    Yeah, *that* thread is spammed to hell and back isn't it?

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