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Thread: How to add new device driver?

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    Question How to add new device driver?

    hi ,
    I am nataraj asture final year student of B.E .Me and our friends are doing project to develope a RAM disk driver in linux Operating system we have problem in adding that driver to our kernel by removing the old kernel.
    I have also read one articles in many sites but they r not clearly mentioned the steps and problems occuring during configuration.
    If someone helps me it will be better for us to successfully load our driver onto the system.
    Nataraj . S . Asture

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    Try by loading the module?

    insmod to add module
    rmmod to remove module
    lsmod to list loaded modules

    I've been using linux quite some time (but still consider myself a n00b).
    Anytime I've had to load a driver, I used insmod.

    I don't have any other experience other than that.

    The distros I use seem to find all my hardware.
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