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Thread: registry question

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    registry question

    is there any possible way to identify the application which is
    opened by us in the registry.
    other than class_id .
    can we identify the the specifc entry of each application

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    Sure, when doing an install, run regmon from systernals .

    Some apps will also leave that info in the install log.

    If you want to find out which applications are referencing which registry entries after then install, then regmon will do that too.

    Oh, they also have a good utility called filemon which will do the same thing, but with files instead of the registry.

    Hope thats what you're asking?
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    A crude way of doing it after installations is to use a windows search and search for something like files created in the last day and then enter they string *.reg, its not a brilliant method I must admit. Id deffinatly recommend regmon


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    phishphreek80 said it! Regmon!
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    re: applications and registry

    perhaps not exactly on topic, but you can also us EzClean, which is called Ashampoo now I believe, to track changes during an installation and/or uninstallation process. And not only can you track registry changes, but also system file (.ini, etc.) and several other factors.

    Very clean tool that I employ with regmon/filemon during critical installations/removals.

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