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Thread: netbios shares beyond a router or switch

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    netbios shares beyond a router or switch

    hi all,

    Is it possible to use the netbios shares beyond a router or a switch?
    i know that netbios shouldn't be, but maybe the shares are...

    suppose i use : "net use x: \\\C$ /User:Box\administrator password"

    this will work on a network without any routers, but is it possible, maybe a modified command, to use to go beyond a router or switch.

    i've googled for this a long time now, but haven't found a solution yet, still i think it must be possible.


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    Well, right now one thing that prevents it is the use of private addressing. You'd need to setup some forward rules in the router/switch. AFAIK, if there is a valid IP, there would be no reason why you cannot access a share.
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    sorry for my late reaction, haven't got internet at home yet

    but what you mean, is that suppose the adress of my computer is, i could use a share to my computer from another computer even if my computer is not in the same network?

    e.a.: net use x: \\\c$ /user:box\administrator password

    i've tried this before, even with a system not behind a firewall, but with the shares on, but it doesn't seem to work....

    any suggestions?

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