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Thread: Win2k Clock Problem

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    Question Win2k Clock Problem

    I'm bewildered at the moment. Ever since daylight savings, all our clocks have been acting wierd. Some of them are fine, but others did not adjust (despite having auto adjust for daylight savings activated). When I adjust the ones that did non adjust themselves, they reset to the incorrect time after a few minutes. Doh!!!

    There's a possibility they may be synching themselves with another box on the network, but I have no idea. If so, this would have been set up before I started working here, so how could I identify which box is the culprit if this is the case?

    If that isn't the case, what else could cause this? Another thing I've noticed is that some of the computers change to the right time when you turn off the daylight savings auto adjust, which really makes no sense!

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    Just disocvered more info:

    I ran net time /set on our computers to figure out which server they're synching with, and that's the problem machine that's messing everyone else up. However, I can't adjust the clock on it; when I do, it resets itself just like the rest, even though its net time is pointing to itself. I even ran net time /setsntp:"(ip address of a Navy time server)" and though that ran successfully, the actual clock didn't change.


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    Ok, I figured out how to get it to sync with the newer domain controller instead of the old screwed up one. The clock showing on this machine is correct. However, when another computer syncs to it, it's still an hour behind. The reason for this is evidently that the "current time" on the controller is one hour behind the "local" time (the latter is the one displayed on the machine itself).

    Furthermore, none of the machines agree on what the server's local time is, though they all agree on the server's current time (so of course they sync to the local time).

    So, anyone know the difference between current time and local time on a machine? Evidently current time is an unseen setting somewhere.

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