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Thread: Arrests key for NSA Hackers

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    Arrests key for NSA Hackers

    A computer hacker who allowed himself to be publicly identified only as ''Mudhen'' once boasted at a Las Vegas conference that he could disable a Chinese satellite with nothing but his laptop computer and a cellphone.

    This is a very, very interesting article about internet secuirty, cryptography and privacy...

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    Investigators could program their supercomputers to flag packets of information that met certain criteria, such as a certain IP number, a certain traffic pattern or a certain kind of content. As soon as a packet is flagged, investigators would apply for warrants to assemble the packets and read the messages' contents.
    Knowing a little about the NSA, I find that hard to believe. It would more likely be, they read the contents and if it contains anything they find valuable, the they apply for warrents to cover their a$$es.
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    Knowing some NSA people I can say that they have some damm smart 80's and 90's era hackers/crackers/virus writers. These guys are damm smart and know computer security inside saying that I would say the probably went with the later method...damm lazy basterds
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