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Thread: F-Secure any good?

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    F-Secure any good?

    What do you guys think of the F-Secure products?

    They are used at my school, and it seems that the antivirus never really catches anything that gets through. The techs have said that they are on a learning curve, but they have been using the program for almost 2 years now.

    If the students complain enough they may switch to Norton. Do you think that F-Secure will ever cut it?

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    Hmm... don't know, doesn't seem any cheaper than norton. and considering how fairly user friendly norton corporate is (it's what they used at the schools I went to and worked for). Who knows... and I'm pretty sure the learning curve = lazy. At least at the school system I worked at that's what it would mean. They wouldn't consider implementing something until they knew it in and out. Including upgrades.

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