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Thread: Starting over, my apologies to the community

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    Starting over, my apologies to the community

    Many of you here have come to know me as either a friend, and enemy, a moron, or a mentor. I've at times given very good information while at other times stepping beyond control and leveling things with insults. You've seen me be a completely nice guy, while at times seeming like Mr. Hyde. The reasons are plentiful, but non are excusable.

    After much thought, self balancing, and regaining control of what I am, I feel I can come back to the community. I feel that I have learned (the hard way) about how to deal with people who do not agree with me, or insult me. Much has been happening, and I basically want to apologize to everyone.

    I am sorry you had to witness my gradual decline as I went from good tutorials to flamebaiting. I apologize to those who received the end of my harsh words, and to those who tried to help and only received an iron fist in return. Not being used to such a competitive and broad community, I was unsure how to handle such diverse and at times rude comments that I found here. It shook me enough to make me stray from my Taoist path and lose the calmness I started with.

    I apologize you had to witness that.

    Starting over fresh, rejuvinated, and for reasons on a personal level, I plan on being much more active and helpful to the community than I was before. The way I was when I first started here. I hope no bridges were burn't beyond repair, and I can mend the past grievences. Also, to be very honest, I am not posting this to be "AP whoring" and gain AP points, because I don't want any on this thread. I am posting this because a lot of flames filled the air and words ruined friendships that I am accountable for. I simply wanted those people, and those who witnessed such immaturity, to know that I am truthfully sorry.

    Kindest regards,
    Pooh Sun Tzu

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    I can never stay mad at you.

    /me hugs pooh sun tzu

    now get back out there and show us what you're made of .

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    Re: Starting over, my apologies to the community

    Originally posted here by pooh sun tzu
    Kindest regards,
    Pooh Sun Tzu
    Having been off line for quite some time, and not knowing what you feel you have done, to upset anyone, nevertheless , I feel that your post does deserve + AP's , for being, brave, honest and very well written, and also you are coming from a point where you do not need them.

    kind regards
    Computer says no
    (Carol Beer)

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    pooh.. I'm glad to decided to stick around.. we've had this discussion before (via pm's) way back in your beginning here.. there's nothing here that's worth getting hung up on.. flames come and flames go.. you should of seen this place a few years ago.. boy, talk about interesting (or maybe boring) flaming. Things here are relatively calm compared to then.
    it was amusing when folks used to post.. "I'm leaving AO" .. first, the newbies would say.. "oh.. no. don't go".. the seniors would flame all the more.. and JP would ban the sucker for posting it to get attention.. the key thing said was.. "you'll be back "..
    you've held your own.. there are many here that still appreciate you..
    fluck 'em if they can't be civil..

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    With the greatest respect I cannot accept your apology, for the simple reason that none is due? well certainly not from yourself.

    Have you considered how "interesting" the World would be if we all agreed with eachother all the time?

    Hey, every now and then I will rant and rave (and I used to teach sniping!), particularly after a good session of alcohol abuse............I have never seen you other than polite. I feel that an opinion, even if it is a minority opinion, is worthwhile.

    If this site wants a resident a$$hole.............I am declaring my candidature, and you would not even be in the running against a professional a$$hole such as myself?



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    Nihil how can you be resident a$$h0l3 if we have so many others. Like rioter and so many others? Come on now. Lets not get an inflated ego. And Pooh its a good thing you are sticking around. You kind of help balance things around here. This site needs people who are willing to help those less tech savy than them if it is going to continue to be interesting. If the only people who came to this site were super guru's that could lock down a box with their eyes closed and half a keyboard it wouldnt be nay fun anymore. Yes i am making a reference to something here and those involved will know what im talking about. Not trying to start another flamefest just pointing out that EVERYONE has something to offer here

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    Hey, why are we picking on rioter for?

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