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Thread: All about Exe

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    Post All about Exe

    Hi Everyone,
    My question is that. I want to write a program , and i want the final exe to be run on every windows i mean from 98 to xp . so what is the best programming language is i can use. Here i mean that user final exe should not depend on dll or virtual mach.. like java and .net . i want the exe to use windows exe and should be small in size.

    An other question i wana ask , which is the best software by which , i can find out all the funcation in exe and dll files including there funcation prototype or signature.

    An other question is that who can i find about a program that which programming language was used to create that. Thanks every one .
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    hm i dont know every answer, but i have anice little utility with which u can view some code (dll, exe...etc.....)

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    It really depends on what you want your program to do. I do not think Java generates exe's anyways. C++, and VB are good languages.


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    thanks for you replys , exe for java can be created , but i requires jvm tobe installed, i dont know much about c++, but what if i use vb 5 , because the msvb50.dll is shipped with win98 and all later windows. where as vb 6 is shipped with winme and win2k. what you think. does any one know ans to other ques.
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    Java programs are not executables, the .class bytecode is loaded into the JVM and then run. c++ creates .exe when compiled, and it is compatible on the machine it was compiled on. It can be compatible with other compilers if it follows ANSI standard with how it was written.
    I don't quite think im nailing this on the head, maybe someone else can clarify the compatibility c++ has with executables on windows.

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    Pure C++ is cross platform. You get into trouble when you use API calls.


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    personally id go with delphi if size and portability are an issue. vb is anything but light in size and is kind of slow. delphi can even be ported over to linux using kylix
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    I have never even tried Delphi. Mind giving me a rundown tedob?


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    Well it all depend on the program you want to write be it in comand line and some times GUI then ANSI C is your best choice (My choice in fact). But for more advanced GUI's you will want to choose C++ for it was made for graphics.For cross platform you have PERL which is good for database programming however since it is interpeted it is slower but less error prone (And there is also compilers for it) and JAVA is the same as PERL. I have never touched DELPHI so i dont know about it all i do is that it was made for client server apps.
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    I am assuming that your intentions are honourable

    You might try a different approach...........the VB6 update is quite small, so why not add it to the front end of your program?

    Also, there is DOS?

    /me goes and dies of old age

    It would depend on your program as DOS is not natural to 2k & XP, but is "supported" to some extent?

    I would make the comment that a lot of software I have seen will have a 9x/Me version AND a NT version.........even if it is only the name of the windows folder that is the difference?

    What is your program supposed to do?

    Your proggy could check to see if the OS is NT or 9x, and use the right folder from that, just a simple loop to "a" or "b".............?

    Can't help more without a bit more info on the functional requirements.


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