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Thread: run windows in linux

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    run windows in linux

    i have just got fedora up and running as a duel boot on my xp box
    i know i can mount the windows partition and play with files there (have not done it yet)
    but can i somehow have a 'virtual window' and actually run windows from within linux?

    amy links wouild help


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    Wine HQ <--- everything you need to know about running Windows Apps in Linux. I've personally added CodeWeavers Cross Over Office to stablize some of my windows apps (pagemaker) better with wine.

    You can also run Windows at the same time as linux by purchasing and installing VMWare.
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    There is also an opensource "vmware"; xen and there is a demo cd so you can try it without having to build it first. And it is being supported in part by Microsoft Research- I thought that was kind of cool.

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