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Thread: Cisco Warns Of WLAN Hole

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    Cisco Warns Of WLAN Hole

    Cisco Systems warned in a security advisory Wednesday that some versions of its software for managing wireless LANs have a security hole that could enable hackers to take control of a WLAN or Web site


    I checked this forum and it wasn't posted before, if it's somewhere else then somebody needs to move it, and i'll delete this one.

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    Hmm I would've put this in Wireless Security, but anyway...

    Just another hole to go with the rest of the WLAN technology. Well, it is a work in progress, but it's just like the second coming... makes me think of the olden days when modems were just out for everybody to use. It's the same today on the wireless level, since everything is new and improperly configured/secured just yet.

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    Actually I don't understand why everybody suddenly wants to go wireless. The connection speed is much lower than cable, there are more holes in the wireless security protocols than in Swiss cheese and it's still much more expensive than cable.

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    paranoid_sonic: Very true... however. I like it for a couple of reasons.

    Its great for apartments and the like where you can't just go tearing up the walls putting in wires wherever you want.

    Great for mobile users who like to go to coffee houses and airports and still need net access.
    (mobile users with wifi enabled handhelds or laptops)

    Its nice to be able to move around without the restriction of wires.

    I have a 802.11g w/less router at home. I just put it on a separate subnet and created ACLs in my cisco to block all access to/from the wireless network to the wired network EXCEPT to go to the internet and a printer.

    Other than thouse reasons... I'll stick with wires when possible.
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    Like we needed to have a Cisco press release to tell us WLAN is vulnerable. Eh?


    That's why you should only use VPN with wireless. hehehe
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