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Thread: Nigerian email fraud

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    Nigerian email fraud

    I'm not sure if this has already shown up here, but I thought it was an interesting read:

    It seems the folks at Zone-H followed through with one of those "we want to give you our money" scams and documented each step along the way. I always wondered how this scam played out.


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    Nothing new in this fraud it's been around for years. They have just moved from sending snail mail to email.

    There was a television program about it quite some time ago over hear. A documentary that even had interviews with people who had fallen for the scam. And one guy who didn't, he informed the police and they where able to set up a sting and catch a couple of the bad guy's.

    Apparently this guy was exposed to quite abit of danger as the perpertrotors are not beyond murder if they feel threatend.
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