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    Nice Try

    I recently was looking through my email and got this email. First problem I see is half the damn words are spelled wrong second the Actual web address, and third and most importantly. "I DON'T HAVE A CITI BANK ACCOUNT."

    This goes on my nice try of the week list. I am going to telnet in later and look at the header for this.

    Dear citi_bank Members,

    This leter was sent_ by the Citi-Card _server_ to veerify _your_ email_ adderss_.
    You must complete this process by clicking on_the_link below and enttering
    in the smmall _window your Citi_Bank Debbit Card Nummber and card pin that
    you_use in_the _ATM_. That_is done for-your protection -i- becaurse some of our
    _members_ no_longer have access to their E_Mail _address_es and we must verify it.

    To verify your _e-mail_ addres and ****** your_ Citi
    account, klick on the_ link _below_.


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    me too

    that same thing hapened to me yesterday, but intead it said that it was from norton antivirus and i dont have norton so i just deleted it

    ps im not that stupid

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    Disturb there are people that stupid. I can only think back to the Best Buy one, that was alot better then this one. But none the less hit a crap load of people. I personally have always believe that if you are going to do a scam atleast make it a good rip off of the origional.

    They could atleast make the site some good. I mean come the hell on. That is just a really sad rip off. I mean damn, my little brother that knows nothing about computers could come up with a better rip off.

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    It's pretty funny actually, almost sad. They can not even spell or attempt to make it look official in any way.


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    The funniest part of it is that these morons think they are 1337 and they don't even know how to use a damn spell-checker.......
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    Worthwhile to visit this website to keep up to date on various phishing attempts and to forward phishing attempts so that others will learn/be aware.
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    Sadder yet is the amount of Morons who will actually think it is legit and give their info to these clowns.
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    wanna know the funny part? Look at the header and where the email originated. I didnt know citi bank kept their pop3 in the phillipines. I got one too

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    what? that was fake? i actually sent them my(imaginary) bank accnt info. i think seymour butz is gonna be having some financial difficulties in the near future...

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