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Thread: dns server

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    dns server

    can any one recomend a good dns server for playing around with on my network preferably free of realy cheap thanks

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    re: DNS server

    I'm assuming that you're referring to running a DNS server yourself....

    depends on what OS the host machine is running:

    1. Windows - run the native DNS component.
    2. *Nix - BIND

    No cost associated with either choice other than your own time and energy. Here are respective links for each to get you going...

    2. (there are so many variations, you should search specifically for your platform).

    Note: You could also run BIND on Windows is so inclined.

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    Best bet for BIND if you're really serious is to grab a copy of DNS and BIND, 4th edition, from Oreilly. It's *the* reference/tutorial book on the subject and is highly recommended. You could see if your local library has a copy if you can't afford to buy the book itself.
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