I am betting there already was a God and rock thread, but to reiterate the hypocracy and general lack of basis religion (namely monotheistic all powerful god based ones') in anything. If a god is all powerful can it create a rock that it can not lift? Well let us approach this from a logical standpoint. If it is all powerful nothing can be more powerful than it, but if it is more powerful it should be able to create something more powerful then itself hense a paradox is born; therefor a farce. If you would kindly look at many polytheistic cultures that never have this problem. Their gods are not "all powerful" never inducing this kind of problem, therefor not destroying the credibiltiy of them existing. Look at the Greeks; they were a very logical people and their gods were created to explain things that they could not explain (namely with math and known science of the day). They were not there to represent hope and all that ****.


PS: I know I have fragmented thought patterns that are more or less loosely related, but maybe hard to understand so feel free to have me clarify and re-relate. ^_^