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    Network Monitoring

    Is there any tool that help me to monitor my network? (not really a network) I have one PC and I have my own web server. reading the logs files is really boring, is there a tool that show me the attempts of atack or who has connected to my 25 port so on?
    thanks profetas
    Sorry I forgot to say I am under Linux
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    well a firewall would do that. Norton Personal Fireall is very effective.

    Also, as for network tools, try the free 45day trial of (Advanced Administrative TOols) as well as some other tools they have there.

    AATools is a multithreaded network diagnostic tool. Its purpose is to accumulate data pertaining to network status and availability, using all of the latest development tools in network research. It is a 12-in-1 utility, including TCP/UDP Security Port Scanner, Proxy Analyzer, RBL Locator, TraceRoute, Email Verifier, Links Analyzer, Whois, Network Monitor, Process Monitor, System Info, Resource Viewer and Registry Cleaner.
    Download it by clickin this link:

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