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    Ok I have been working to solve the different levels at when my computer freezes up???? Well I restart and go back to the site to find out that it was defaced by a disgruntled hacker lol. Hopefully he didn't place any evil code.

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    Me thinks that someone took the URL a lil to seriously, they weren't meant to have the webpage, but the little missions..
    The dude that did this must be Angry for some reason, and i'd rather not know.
    Wonder when they are gonna be back up?
    I wanna finish the missions, as i was so so so close to completing level 5..

    Umm they said i should put my signature here.
    And now all i got is a heap of White Out on the Monitor..

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    Level 5 on which section? as I was on Level 5 in the basic when this happened. I have completed through level 7 in the realistic missions and through app 8 or 9 in the Application missions.

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    Seems like the boys at hackthissite are really on the ball as they have already started fixing the site

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    you know there's is an edit button, i see that you are new so just letting you know

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    hack this site is a great site, but one of the challenges is to HACK that site, so perhaps it was just that.

    on the other hand, the site has been down for server movement, they are getting a new server, so perhaps this was the problem.
    don't know for sure.

    if anyone is having problems solving the challenges after anything else fails, let me know, perhaps i can give a hint...

    my username at is "gl1mm3rm4n"


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    Ah they arn't moving server, and what happened is that a ex member chucked a wobbly.

    An injury to one is an injury to all(again) posted on Tue 04.13.04 by xec96
    The site went down for a day or so. In the past month, a staff member(Mele2511 / Lisa) has deleted the IRC server, removed all FTP accounts, threatened to destroy the site, etc. The staff was lenient at first in light of her good work for the community, and has voted to temporary suspend her account for a month and reconvene later to see whether her attitude towards the project has changed for the better. A month later, many were still suspect of her attitudes and ambitions, and it looked as if she was not going to be returning to staff.

    In childish bitterness, she thought that if she can't return to staff, she may as well take the site down with her. Using access that had been trusted with her, she proceeded to delete all of the files, destroy the database, and leave a poorly written nonsensical statement that appears to have been written by a 14 year old. Her actions did not target the people that were against her position on staff, but instead it targetted the community. Everyone suffered from her actions. There's no honor in what she did. She proved to everyone that she was everything bad that all the developers warned about.

    If you want to talk to this crazy bitch firsthand, talk to her on AIM at Mele2511 or at .

    Now we've been trashed several times before, and we have the uncanny ability to bounce back every single time. However, much was lost this time around, including the development. Everything has been rolled back by about a week or so.

    Sadly, all the zine orders were trashed with this last incident. If you have pre-ordered a copy of the zine, you will have to wait a day or so until we get the order scripts back and then you will have to resubmit your request. We'll post news about it later.

    A lot of good stuff happened as well, but we will have to wait until a later news post cause these issues need to be resolved first. We'll post more details later. Check out a meeting log here. More coming soon...
    so there you have it folks.


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    what happened is that a ex member chucked a wobbly.
    wtf does that mean?

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    I should spend some more time on , I just took the effort to actually run an md5 cracker. My username is el_half .

    Damn, lepricaun you're good. I suck at the application levels. Didn't try anything but 1 and 2 but I know I just suck at it lol
    The above sentences are produced by the propaganda and indoctrination of people manipulating my mind since 1987, hence, I cannot be held responsible for this post\'s content - me

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    Damn, lepricaun you're good. I suck at the application levels. Didn't try anything but 1 and 2 but I know I just suck at it lol
    it's not that hard, just spend enough time

    although this isn't the first site i joined,

    i've started with ,, and after these, i've started with hackthissite..
    so i had a nice start :P

    i'm surprised to here that another staff member has gone bad, a couple of months ago there was another too....

    don't know why they do it, but i think it s*cks!

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