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Thread: BitDefender Linux AV

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    BitDefender Linux AV

    Using BitDefender on my system to scan for virus, here's what I type and here's the output:

    maccurdy@Agamemnon:~> bdc / --all --nowarn --info --list
    BDC/Linux-Console v7.0 (build 2490) (i386) (Dec 10 2003 16:11:35)
    Copyright (C) 1996-2003 SOFTWIN SRL. All rights reserved.

    Engine signatures: 66753
    Scan engines: 12
    Archive engines: 34
    Unpack engines: 3
    Mail engines: 6
    System engines: 0

    all=Scan all files
    nowarn=Show warnings
    info=Show info
    list=List files

    This is the only output I get, and it seems to then sit there. Is it still scanning, or is it already complete? The "Engine signatures" could be the number of files scanned...

    The documentation in this case is just a glorified man file with a few bits of copyright information (half the guide) so it wasn't much help. Anyone here have any experience with BitDefender under Linux?
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    Yes, this is a passive scanner, meaning that there is no realtime protection. You have to run it using cron if you want to schedule your scans or kick it off manually whenever you want to scan for viruses.

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    I think that the engine signatures are the malware patterns?

    The "engines" look like scanning programs/algorithms? opening archive files, scanning packed files (UPX etc?)

    It must be scanning for Windows viruses as well? ....I doubt if there are more than 667 viruses for *nix, let alone 66,700?

    Does the HDD make any noise and or the lights blink?

    How long does this take to happen, and how long have you left it, with the same message showing?

    66,700 is a lot of should run for at least 45 minutes or more? Even on a very fast machine?

    I have got VirusSafe from Central Command for Lindows................unfortunately it has a GUI interface so looks just like Windows AVs

    Just a few suggestions

    EDIT: Just found this, seems that I was right about multiplatform/Windows capabilities:

    BitDefender Linux Edition uses the most advanced multi-platform virus inspection technology which closely monitors for viruses and other suspicious activity on your personal system.

    The On-Demand Scanner, for command line or shell scripts, features a manual scans of individual files or entire file systems, malicious codes detection and disinfection. After each scan, the solution displays a detailed report on positive virus detections. Thanks to BitDefender scan engine advanced features, new, undiscovered threats can be detected and immediately eliminated from the system.

    Available for most UNIX platforms, the product has the role to keep you away from worms like Morris or Scalper – UNIX malware, as well as from all the Windows viruses.

    BitDefender Linux Edition v7 is a freeware product, which doesn't require a license to be used.

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