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Thread: hooking up Floppy and CD

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    hooking up Floppy and CD

    I took apart an old computer we have and put it back together successfully. When I turn it on it runs great but when I try to use the floppy or CD it says that the device is not ready. So I went to Add New Hardware, but it says that there is a problem with the device. It recognizes them, but I can't use them. What's wrong?

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    coolbean -
    Check the cables for both the floppy and CDRom drives. Ensure that they are plugged in correctly and securely . . . there is a red stripe on the cable for the CDRom drive, which should be closest to the power plug and just the opposite for the floppy. Also, the floppy cable has one end where part of the cable is twisted - that end plugs into the floppy. Check to make sure your motherboard connections are also secure and plugged in correctly (the red stripe on the IDE cables should be at the #1 pin position for both drives). If your motherboard doesn't clearly indicate pin positions or have notched connectors - grab a users manual for the motherboard or look for lines where the connectors are . . . pin #1 is usually indicated by a thicker line at one end of the connector. Unless you have a very very old board or are using a really 'off' brand of drive . . . you shouldn't have to install drivers for either or 'install' them with 'Add New Hardware'. As long as you didn't change jumpers on either drive or a bios setting pertaining to them (and they were both working properly before you took everything apart) checking your cables should get them both back up and running. If not, let me know. Good luck.

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    Looks like a hardware error, as vvirtho suggested.

    Assuming you are running Windows it depends on what you mean by 'recognises them'.
    If they were previously installed then Windows will just be using its old definitions, which is why you get a problem when you try to 'add new hardware', as it won't work for floppys or CDs.

    When you boot your PC, look at the BIOS messages as they flash past you.
    Alternatively enter the BIOS setup, and try manually detecting the devices.

    Came across a classic example of this the other day when one of my friends complained she couldn't use her CD drive anymore. The icon etc. still exists in Windows, but that's not the same thing. A quick check from the BIOS revealed that the drive was not being detected, so off with the case, reseat the cables, and problem solved.

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