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Thread: Traceing

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    I was wondering if there was a way to get inof about a person that you have only his name phone number (Cell,Land) and address and how much.

    P.S it's this hacker that broke into my system and switched his ISP before i was able to get him offically
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    I'm sorry, but I am not sure if I understand your question? You have his name and phone number and address? Or do you need to find out that information?

    If he changed his ISP that fast, then he was most likely hacking you by using someone else's bandwidth such as wardriving. If you have all that information and just report it to the right authorities, but unless there was substantial damage done to you...nobody is going to do anything about it.

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    I dont have enough info on him i need more so am i wondering where i can pick this up
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    Hi Nytro,

    Is this the same perp who installed that trojan?

    If so, I think you might have difficulty, as in he/she seems to have a bit more than basic skiddie awareness.

    The "name, address, and telephone number" may well be either totally bogus, or have been gained by identity theft, for example?

    The most obvious is a credit search..............some time since I "counted beans" but it was Standard & Poors and Dunn & Bradstreet in those days............I know that here are a lot of internet services these days..............that will cost you though.

    Over here, you might try:

    1. The electoral register
    2. List of child sex offenders

    Both are in the public domain in the UK

    I would like to help, but I am a little hindered by my lack of knowledge as to how things work where you are. For example, I could go out right now and buy a "pay as you go" (prepaid) cellphone registered to "Mickey Mouse, Disneyland".........and I would pay cash, as I would each time I topped up its credit?

    I am curious to know how you think that you have the name, address and telephone number of the REAL perp?


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    Using those 3 resources, you can find just about ANYTHING you need to track down a person's location, gain personal information, and history.

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    No this guy was at my freinds house and i put up a honeypot and he walked right into it (heheheheheheh)

    your right it might be phony but it's in google.
    Every thing that has a begining has an end.

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    What kind of info are you looking for?
    You will have to pay for most public history such as criminal records,billing debt,ect.....

    Originally posted here by Nytrokiss
    No this guy was at my freinds house and i put up a honeypot and he walked right into it (heheheheheheh)

    You lost me on that one?

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    You know who the person is, and you apparently have logs about what he did. That's all the proof you need. *Suspects, though, that this is just a teenager who was fooling around, or that someone isn't being completely honest.*
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    What i mean is i caught a guy on my friends computer
    Every thing that has a begining has an end.

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    you can goto google and type in a phone number with area-code and dashes and get a phonebook directory listing
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