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    NAV Help

    I am running NAV on my box and sometimes Auto-Protect is disabled and/or unable to be enabled on my box. I am running XP Pro. Sometimes I shell into BB4Win. I already looked around in msconfig and administrative tools. Any thoughts on how I could fix this or what the problem is?


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    I'm going to test it out but it doesn't look like anything that really explained anything about it, just a few conjectures.


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    if you went to your start up menu and disabled some of the items you may have hit on one of NAV's I did this one time and it took me about an hour to figure out. you can fix it with the nortan cd.
    or do what I did and switch to kerio personal firewall and avg anti virus. both are free and easy to use. they are all around great programs.
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    yah. I just went to bit defender free. I will check into those as well, thanks.


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    Which version of NAV are you running (2003 or 2004) ?
    What are the symptoms of the autoprotect problem ?

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