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Thread: NET-Radio and old BBS texts LOOK!

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    Hey everyone I am just making this thread because I think that there is some very cool Internet content out there that not too many people know about. One topic I would like to bring up is Net-Radio. There are about a jilleeon Net-Radio shows about all kinds of stuff like computer security and more. A lot of witch are very interesting, informative and entertaining. Another topic is on-line archiving. There is a plethora of information from the past that is just sitting there waiting to be looked at by someone ( I will list some things here but I would like you people to also post some stuff that you think should be up here.


    Net-Radio shows about security/hacking/news and more.
    add to this list!!

    Sites that Archive.

    Hacking documentaries
    New york city hackers divx (cant find a working link sorry.)

    Alternative news.

    Net-Video shows about security/tech and more.

    Net-Radio shows about video games/new/retro/news and more.

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    A more updated list.

    Hacking Conferences <--H2K <--H2K2 <--5th Hope

    Net-TV Shows. <--comedy video gaming <--computer hacking & tech <--computer hacking & tech

    Net-Radio Shows. <--classic video games <--video games <--video games <--computer hacking & tech <--news, hacking & tech <--phone phreaking & more

    For more NET-Shows go to

    Hacking documentary "Freedom Downtime" (need real player)

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