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Thread: Couple Of Questions

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    Couple Of Questions

    What Do you think the Best file sharing program Is?
    Also What Is Downright the Best Firewall Out there?
    Whats the Best Anti Virus?

    I have Panda For anti Virus And Firewall It works great! I am wondering though if there is better Out there..

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    Those are some AV programs..

    Kazaa Lite

    P2P stuff

    Black Ice

    Those are firewall programs.


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    Ty *Bows*

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    u can find some link to free firewalls here

    free AV's

    and for p2p software...e-donkey and e-mule and kazaa.....Direct Connect isn't bad either.

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    * only if the post is open*

    see the best fire wall accordin to me is zone alarm

    the best anti virus, see i can tell by the experience i ve is norton , keep up dating regular adn you won't have a hitch , i used pcccillin and found it as a uttere waste

    as for file sharing i don share files as after napster i din need any file sharing
    well i hope i was use full for you

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    Hi there yourdeadin,

    A slight word of advice, if you see the date flashing in a post it means that it has kind of died, and there are those who might take exception to a reply to it. If you want to, and it is relevant to THAT post, please use the purple button down the bottom left to "bump it up" then post your bit.

    A lot of posts like this one are actually best raised afresh, as the product market moves so swiftly, the answers change on a weekly basis?


    I, personally, have had no problems with the PC-cillin products, nor with McAfee.................I also use AVG and e-Trust, the secret is, as you rightly pointed out, to keep them up to date.


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