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Thread: No hope for Windows.

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    No hope for Windows.

    There is simply no hope that Microsoft Windows will
    ever get straightened out and work properly.

    Maybe this is an old exploit, but I was ROFL at how
    cute, and stupid this really is.

    Test it on your own system. Find any executable EXE file.
    make a copy of it like filename.txt.

    Open a command prompt, (CMD.EXE) and type the filename
    filename.txt And it executes! No need to fool with
    double file extensions. CMD.EXE runs all executables
    regardless of file name or extension because it analyzes
    the contents of the file.
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    hehe.. yep..

    but I did try it and I'm immune.. I love my copy of win98se..

    When you use a file name as a command at a command prompt or in a line of script, Windows NT-based operating systems (Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows .NET) invoke the CreateProcess function to open the file. If CreateProcess detects that the file is a binary image with an executable header, the file is run as a program.

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    Work for me! Windows XP fully patch! Rename Regedit.exe to regedit.txt, when in cmd, ran regedit.txt and regedit open... Nice Bug.. But you have to open Cmd and them type manually the exe. Cannot be run from the shell so...
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    But you can exploit a webserver to return a cmd.exe shell prompt. So once you're there...

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