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Thread: checklist for application installs

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    checklist for application installs

    Anyone out there have a spreadsheet I can use for a template for devising a checklist for setting up new PC's and or user accounts. I have checked for templates on microsoft's site and cannot find anything useful. Prolly sounds like I'm lazy, but I really can use some good example templates.
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    setup checklist

    There are so many variables to consider and variations from organization to organization, you'll be much better off to simply build your own matrix.

    My suggestions (and how I've built 'checklists' in the past) are:

    1. make a simple itemized list of what needs to be on the checklist first.
    - look at an order form for design ideas
    2. use combo boxes/radio buttons to save future typing (for whoever has to fill the checklist out)
    3. put basic security on the document to avoid accidental changes, etc.

    Hope that gets you going...

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