I have just become a network administrator and unfortuanately I find myself making rather dumb mistakes. I recently installed Deep Freeze Standard on the computers at work, so that none of the employees mess up the computers. Unfortunately, I need to do maintenance on a few of these computers, and I forgot my Deep Freeze password.
So now my problem is, is it possible to uninstall Deep Freeze?
When I attempt to open the program to disable it, it asks for my password. I cannot simply uninstall it because as long as it is enabled, it will not uninstall. Deleting it doesn't work, either, as it simply reappears when the computer is rebooted. I tried killing the process and then deleting it, but that still doesn't work. I also tried to reinstall my copy of Deep Freeze, but it won't install unless the previous version is uninstalled first.
I am at my wit's end; I cannot think of anything to do. I can't even format these computers and start from scratch, because Deep Freeze just restores the hard drive every time.
Please someone, if you have any advice for me, it would be really appreciated.