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    I said... GOD DAMN!

    You can run a linux distro on m$ 2k/xp WITHOUT VMWARE or thrid party virtual PC sotware.

    And... only a 1.85mb DL. (well, not really. you need more than what I thought at first)

    Cool for windows users who needs an occasional linux tool.

    I still prefer to have several boxes and just ssh or vnc.

    But, this could prove very useful for mobile users... I could have used it a couple of weeks ago instead of having to reboot from xp to knoppix all the time.

    BTW: this is still in beta. be sure to read the readme file.

    This is going to be very cool once they have stable releases and everything worked out.

    Cool project! I'm impressed.
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    I have been looking for an alternative to VMWare and running all kinds of different junk at once. I would give ya a point or 2 but apparently I need to do some more spreading thanks for the great heads up to another great prog
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