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Thread: My dog dies tomorrow....

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    Unhappy My dog dies tomorrow....

    My rottie/lab mix dies tomorrow because he decided to munch on my brother in alw and daughter. I know this is not security related, and this may be viewed as a "I need sympathy" thread. **** that. A dog dies tomorrow

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    i love little puppy dogs, when they grow up i dont like them too much, im sorry...cant u put him in a shelter or something...?

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    Hmmm, so

    1. Sending him to a no-kill shelter will have him in a cage forever until he dies.

    2. Sending him to a regular shelter will have him stay 6 mos. then they kill him.

    what to do, what to do....

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    Damn, I am sorry to hear that. If the dog attacked someone without sufficeint reason, then yes, he must be put down. But that sure doesn't make it any easier.
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    Sorry to hear this - you are making the right decision, albeit a hard one.

    I had to give our faithful old dog the "green dream" due to old age this same time last year, although you know your doing the right thing, it doesn't make it any easier.

    Thoughts are with you.

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    Please accept my sympathies,

    In my experience, the only problem with Rottweilers (an Italian Bull Mastiff?) is that they are very heavy and do not know where your "bits" are? ............I had one come sit on my lap........that did hurt!

    Crossed with a Labrador, I would expect that we have a very friendly animal. A bit boisterous, a "bit of a handfull" as we would say over here? but in NO WAY vicious?

    Over here we have this rule that a dog is allowed "its first bite" a kind of two strike rule?

    My personal opinion is that if a dog does not like someone, there is a problem with the person?......they see things that we do not? If they go as far as biting, then it is serious?

    Is it your brother in law's daughter? old is she? was she tormenting the animal?

    Dogs are "pack animals" they have extreme sensitivity to social duties....? Your dog was defending something?

    Can you find a farm somewhere that he could go to............away from people, so that would satisfy the courts?.........I will be 54 shortly, and have only been bitten once? was an accident.........the dog was correct in its actions........a split second decision..........

    Were the "victims" hospitalised?

    Is the dog OK..............I know that sheep dogs (collie) are susceptible to brain tumours............sends them mad?

    At this point, my bottom line would be a nice place in the country?...............or shoot the brother in law?

    I shall pray for him, and you

    Good luck

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    No it bit both my bro in law and daughter.

    And funny thing is, the youngest brought a new puppy home (1 mo. old) and the rottie got jealous over the attention and did not wanna share the dog food. So it's agressive over food (not that we do not feed him)

    The bro in law was a stranger because the dog never met him, but would not heel at my command... and usually he does. If he does not listen and just decides to snack on somebody, that is NOT good.

    So yeah, he is a very jealous dog.

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    Might I guess that the new puppy is a dog also?..................he sees it all as a "pack environment", and is just acting natutally?

    Dog's eyes:

    1. You are alpha male
    2. Your wife is alpha female
    3. Your daughter is beta female
    4. He is beta male

    Then we bring in a new puppy...............a male...........and your daughter did his eyes?.....and did your brother in law get it as a present for her?....................

    OH dear!..................I imagine he feels as we might if our wives ran off with another man?...... (OK I'd just empty the bank account, but I have the pin number )

    HEY cut this guy some slack please?

    The dog MUST NOT die

    Just my opinion

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    (((Jack))) What a shitty situation to be stuck in. We just lost one of our doggies a couple weeks ago, and it sucked, really bad. I miss him.
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    MsMittens hugs Jack
    Goodbye, Mittens (1992-2008). My pillow will be cold without your purring beside my head
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