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Thread: bout windows registry

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    bout windows registry

    can some one help me and give some information on how to configure my regitry that can on Windows XP that prohibit some user to install program on my computer, mand may give some message that says "you dont have a admin privilage to do this job" i really dont wanna mess the registry coz i had a problem back then about registry and took me a while to fix it , i just need some links that may answer my question.. thnks in adavnce ..

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    a user with only user permissions cannot install programs. that message would be displayed by the system if that were the case. if your connected to a network, network permissions override local permissions.

    i really dont understand what your asking. are you trying to prevent other network users from installing things on your computer when their on it? are you the administrator?

    if your not on a network go to "control panel > administrative tools >computer managment > local users and groups". make sure the users in question are only allowed regular user permissions.

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    re: installing software...

    I agree with Tedob1...

    There's no need to edit the Registry manually to achieve your goal.

    You can use Local Policy, use Group Policy if you're in a network/domain, and the easiest/best method is to control what Local Users exist and their system privileges (i.e. Adminstrator, User, Power User, etc.) as Tedob1 pointed out.

    If you need more information re: Local Users and Groups, permissions, etc. use or search MS's knowledgebase.

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    am sorry ive type an incomplete data, am not connected to a network.. am only using a single computer a Window XP, i wanted to prevent other user of my computer such as my brother to install other program in my computer so i created a different username for my bro. but he keeps on installing other program.. they dont know the linux OS yet so i dont bother to change my OS but i prefer using linux to set some permission but there are others who uses my computer and dont know much bout linux so the boot goes to windows as you open the computer..

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    and i just re-read my post and saw that i gave you wrong information. go to control panel, then users and passwords. make sure user must enter user name and password is checked then highlight his user name and click on properties. go to "advanced", then click on the tab "group membership". make him a restricted user. this will automatically make the reg changes for you.
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    I would advise you to use the security policy editor. this lets you modifiy the security settings for you computer and your users.
    To open the msc console just go to the start bar \ run and type in gpedit.msc
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    all these advises are pretty nice, but let's say i wanted to install a program as a user and that program doesn't need to adjust the registry, then i can install it anyway. so it's not foolproof, and it never will be...

    but i suggest you let him use the guest account and lower the priveleges of that account even more, that's as far as you can get.

    but there always are ways to get past those things if he really wants, so the best way is go and talk to your brother...

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    You could also do as me and get yourself DeepFreeze. I've had same problem as you and no matter what i did people would always find a way around.
    The trial version lasts 60 days which is enough time to test it and possibly find another solution should you deem this one insufficient. This program still lets people install whatever they want but as soon the machine gets rebooted everything will be restored back to the state you left it at. Should you want to install something yourself it can always be shut down by entering a password and rebooting.

    It seems to me that you feel more at home using linux so you might also try convincing your users to try and learn a bit about it as well, it definitly would make your life easier.


    Forgot to tell you that in bios you should also change the boot order to HDD as first device checked, disable checking other devices if boot record found, set admin password on bios and if you also f. ex. have the option of hitting F11 during POST to select boot device manulay then disable this as well.

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    try to go to
    i have the same problem as yours

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    Is it possible to connect to chat clients like IRC using windows registry or REGEDIT?

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