Hello All,

Working on documenting my current network to help with troubleshooting and disaster recovery operations.

I was wondering if anyone has used, or has a template that I could use for a sort of "Network Change Log".

Basicly I am looking for it to do this:

1. Provide a cronological change log.
2. Has the affected computers name, the change made, reason, who made that change, and any other good info to track.
3. Our company is growing and we need something that will help us keep up to date with the information.
The change log should be able to track changes for the network, not the individual PC.

For instance, I creat a Backup Exec user account to use during backups, but it gets corrupted, and I have to recreate and use a new password and username......I need a place to document this information, so if I get hit by a truck before the other admins are advised of this info, they still have the info on what I changed :-)

I supposed I could creat a document in excel, or access, but was wondering if anyone else is currently using soemthing that may work out.

Thanks for any help!!