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Thread: How do I set up a network printer??

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    Question How do I set up a network printer??

    Hey I have recently hooked up a computer that I got for free and fixed up. Its running windows 2000 pro. I have a computer that is running win. 98. I have them both running on a router and that is hooked up to my dsl line.
    The problem is I have only one printer and I want to be able to print off of both computers to my one printer. How do I set it up?

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    Two simple methods:

    1. A data switch
    2. A null modem cable and allow printer sharing.

    I use a data switch if I am using a "strong" version of Windows (NT based) with a "weak" one (9x) That keeps the two apart, and a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.


    Go for a data switch and physically connect both boxes to the printer.

    There are other methods such as infra red & WIFI perhaps.


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    If your printer is a HP, you can use a DirectPort utilites. What turn a network cable into a 1 or 3 pararells ports that you can after capture with Windows.
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