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Thread: probably been asked before..

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    probably been asked before..

    this has probably been up before but i never find any results. can anyone give me a bunch of links to testing your computer for security issues(that are free) i never find anything..thanks
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    here's a few things.. online scan
    GRC Shields Up! -
    PC Flank Multiple Tests -
    Good Range of Port Scans -
    Basic Port Scan -
    Online port Scanners -
    Privacy and Security -
    Basic Scanner -
    trojan Scanner -
    Lots of Tests -
    Good online port scanner -
    Panda online AV -
    Trend online AV -
    Bitdefender online AV -
    RAV online AV -
    Kasperksy remote virus scanner -
    Browser Security Check -
    Blackcode Security Scan -
    PC-Pitstop AV Scan -

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