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    I played a game today(not really i played left bench because im on freshman and it was a JV game) and we lost 15-1. The team sucks and the coach always plays the same people and we lose game after game. The only games we have won were freshman games. But you cant win them all. I play 3rd and we have our last game, a double header, this saturday which should be fun(<-exaggeration). Does anyone here play real baseball or did play?

    If so did your team suck as bad as mine?
    Don't ask about the ties it was getting late and blue called the game.

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    Ha Ha AS a MATTER Of Fact I do play Baseball myself. I play in an all-star League For Utah baseball. I start, I play 2nd base And I Pitch. We are acually Undefeated Right now 4-0 Pre season and all. Are team is ownage. But Last year LOL we went to california for a HUGE Tourny We played, Arizona, Hawii, Japan And Woodland We Lost 2 games strait! LOL but anywayz Nothing to be ashamed Of they Had Pro Like players In this League. Pitching 97 and up So it was fun!!

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