Ha well I dont know i have Some questions About A Girl, Im telling you right now I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THEM AT ALL. iTS Like there is a force field There! Anyway I would Like to ask some questions, But first give you some of are history So you understand what is going on. This could be the most Dumb thing I have ever done Typing this on a forum or the best, But I want some Opionions.. Well This all started About 7-8 months Ago, I had met This Gorgeous Honey At a place i offten Go To watch movies She worked At a Restraunt There. Anyway I had met this girl and tried to get her into a Bussiness Thing And took her to a seminar. Like 3 days later She called me and wanteds to go to a mobvie I was Like yea! So we go We end up making out last 20 min of movie lol. Anyway I fell for her Big time. And i meen Love. I had never loved anyone as much as i loved her And it was AWSOME! Anyway Come to find out mounth later That She basically wanted to just be with me for sex Which was FINE! But I loved her alot and wanted to be with her. So i had a big problem Anyway **** got out of control Awhile later , She thougnt I was cheating on her, And I wasnt. sO It ended. Time went Bye And I missed her Alot So i messaged her Alot But never answer back. Come to find out Just recently She got out of Jail, sHE Had mad drug problems. From that time on I vowed to myskef I would do anything for her And be there for her WHENEVER she needed me. I wanted to help her Out despretly Becasue I still loved her and it Killed me Inside knowing she was fuking up on drugs. I Told her I would be there for her whenever she needed me, I hook her up with money When she needs It For gas And rides as well. I put all My time and effort into her. And i Love it. Today I went out And got her a Diamond Necklace And gave it to her. Her eyes Sparkled Like the diAmonds! I dont know what to do Fellas. I love this girl and want to be with her, But im affraid That she does not want to be with me Or tied Down. So i just act like a Friend. Waht should I do??? Should I bust a kiss out Sometime On the cheak? I cant tell her how i feel Because She might Get really Mad Or something , Like last time i told her i loved her And wanted to be with her it fuked everything Up! HELP!