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Thread: 1,400$ Diamond Necklace For Someone

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    Thanks for the Flames And the Help First off Im not going to lie. Im ghood looking guy And I date Alot. And reflecting on what Whiz said I can remember Alot of times that Were Very Speacial although I wont say anything. I personaly thought about it last night and I know now It was the right choice. But LMFAO Pepper GOOD ONE! lol even that made me laugh.

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    From your posts, it seems you are not very intelligent. Anyway, if you do date a lot then you know well enough to leave this **** bird alone and look elsewhere.

    I do not buy it however.

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    Well if you date a lot it means all you had was sex. There is nothing wrong with that, except the fact that you do not get any kind of emotional experience that might help you out in the future when you find someone special. You're used to the simple game of getting ass. Right now you are totally lost, once something you 'feel' is important comes along.

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    Pepper Nerdy girls are cool, but one problem most of them fall for the HS football jock that they wanted all through HS, and they get married and divorced then they move on. [/B]
    Geek Girls rule!

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