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Thread: Omfg Pissed

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    Omfg Pissed

    LMFAO look I went to this forum About week ago Called the HackerNetwork. I posted There On there newb Section And asked a hacking question, Before u know it I have mad people flaming me Acting retarded. So i Talked back Telling them they should not flame me for asking a Question on the Newb forum guide. They finally answer back saying There forum has nothing to do with Hacking. I Am aMazed tHINKING WHY NAME THERE forum hacking network if it has nothing to do with hacking. I told them off saying there retared And Idiots for Nameing there forum that. Then flaming me for asking a question to do with hacking. LoL i GO BACK THERE. like today And some azz Hole hAD gONE To every forum My brother And I have been to And Gave out Are person Threads On a Variety Of sites. Now I must say Now I have 2 users Besides me THat use this computer Me My bro Jeremy And Kc. Me Jeremy Use the same User name For all the forums we Go to Faithbeme. This is Outrages. How do I get this Punk back first Of all What he did was Very Rude And Inbarising To my Bro jeremy. I meen this GUy Just gave out person Info Of Us Out On A forum As In A full name And Person sites and Forums. I for 1 Am apolled And if Anyone can tell me how to report this Guy or Even Get this guy Back Let me know. Plz.

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    0MG Y0!! ^|^ |-| A^|^ D00d i5 5000000 0u^|^ 0F |_ | /\/ 3 !!!

    First...How the **** can you type like that sober? Getting someone back? If you aren't good enough to figure out how yourself, you're going to get caught anyway.

    Reporting him? Hello, free speech talking, he didn't give out your home address or something, just posted your thread to others so they could laugh too. And if you type like that all the time hell we could use it in the tech humor forum.

    You got two users beside you? Damn man, you home doggs don't ride alone huh? I got some Vicodin and a punk song playing, I'm hardcore 3JeeT like that though.

    Thank you for stopping by, I needed the ego boost.

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    Yea I admitt. I was Really pissed so sorry the way it looks. Just so mad It's a invasion of privacy.

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    Damn it...You replied all respectfull like. Ah well, guess I can do some help. Ok, first, if someone online posts things like this to other places, you have to understand that the same right that gives you the right to post anything at all, is also allowing them to do that. It may work two ways but it's usually worth it.

    So you can't get him in trouble unless you read the user agreement for the website and find something that will allow you to get him banned or something. This is why they make acceptable use policies so damned long and boring, so no one tries to stand up to it.

    As for getting him back, take that thought out of you.

    Maybe with some social engineering you could get his email address and give it out, but still, that's a bit un-professional.

    I already have been yelled at twice today for being unprofessional, heh.

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    Proper spelling? Encouraging legal behavior? DAMMIT GORE! You did it again!!!!!! Stop being so fscking unprofessional!
    < /joke>

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    well You see my friend, I think it was the admin of the forum who did it.. I am very appalled at this whole matter. I have no idea what to do. what I would love to do is get this fools Phone number, and call him. but thats not going to happen . As far as reading that policy forget it lol. And about social Engy. Who am I suppose to Social Engy to get this info?

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    Well Faithbeme, its a board correct? Then I see nothing hard about telling peaple to do some really crazy and stupid things. Pooh seems to think im insulting peaple all the time... but you don't see me growling, foaming at the mouth, and trying to do as you call it *cough ("get back at peaple") over nothing at all now do you? What is so offending to peaple about text and images on a screen? Also... not to scare you away but what makes you think that "l33t hax0r" stuff is very welcomed at AO most of the time? I've seen threads like this get neged and closed within seconds. Infact one of the reasons why I joined this board was simply because I could talk about computers or anything else for that matter yet it'd be tottaly the void all that hack this and that jazz.

    Whois provided this about that site.
    Domain name:
    Bill Karamouzis (9NW7S)
    8356 159 Ave
    Edmonton, Alberta T5Z3C8
    Phone: +1 (780) 9930751

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    I still don't see how this is security related ?

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    No worries, MemorY, it's not like it's something new for a thread in the SEC forum not to be SEC related. Should've been in the General Chit Chat, I say, but whatever...

    Revenge takes a lot of energy. If you want it bad enough, there will be a way to really hurt the admin. Just make sure [VERY sure] you target the right person in this venture.

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    Well Fellas im sorry. its just that was really personal crap he gave out. and it really got to me so Im sorry if I came out as the Newb who wants revenge. I just think he should get what is coming to him thats all.

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