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Thread: Deep Freeze Alternative

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    Talking Deep Freeze Alternative

    Hello all,

    Can anyone suggest a free (and reliable) alternative to Deep Freeze?

    I would like to find one that meets the following requirements:

    Compatible with both Windows 98 SE and XP SP1.

    Uses low system resources (lowest possible). No fancy graphics, GUIs, etc. Simple, yet does the job.


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    I'm not sure if there even is one; as far as I've hear there isn't. You'll probably end up having to buy Deep Freeze. It's not all that expensive, and it meets the rest of your requirements..

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    Can anyone suggest a free (and reliable) alternative to Deep Freeze?
    Interesting question for sure.

    "Did you know?
    That Deep Freeze is a superman when it comes to protection against viruses! Any virus that infects a “frozen” computer is treated the same as any other change - eliminate yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s infections with every restart......more

    "Deep Freeze & Patch Management
    Freeze Professional and Deep Freeze Enterprise now help with patch management (SUS Updates). Microsoft Critical Windows Updates automatically take place during the Scheduled Maintenance mode either via the internet or via a SUS Server that is designated. For more information, view the SUS whitepaper.

    "Deep Freeze Enterprise & Remote Consoles
    Customers have asked for the ability to have multiple administrators have control over consoles and the latest version of Deep Freeze Enterprise now provides this.....more

    Deep Freeze Mac OS X Supports Panther
    A new version of Deep Freeze for Mac OS X is compatible with Mac OS X version 10.2 (Jaguar) and version 10.3 (Panther).....more"


    "a Windows recovery system"

    also: a Windows Recovery Systems is included on the XP Cd. Another option is Clean Slate from Fortres but I didn't search google to see if it cost anything.


    edit: I wasn't able to find any free alternatives and would there be one that could do all that?

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