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Thread: Any good virii sites?

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    Any good virii sites?

    We have an isolated test network set up. It has a Windows 2003 Server as the DC, running DHCP, DNS, and Exchange 2003. There are 10 client computers running Windows XP Professional. We have no AV software running on the network. The purpose of the network is to introduce virii and worms, to study how they destroy the network. After that, we are going to rebuild the network and install AV software, and reintroduce the virii/worms. Pretty fun stuff for school work, huh?

    Anyway, does anybody know of any sites with live virii and worms? I've searched Google, but I have a headache from reading too much l337.

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    Don't know why someone negged you, as you have a valid reason and background for doing it. I know plenty of schools that do this as an educational experiment to learn how viruses work in the wild, as a study.

    I can't recall anything off the top of my head, but your best bet would be to simply install as much spyware and unsafe looking software as possible from the internet.

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    Originally posted here by pooh sun tzu
    Don't know why someone negged you, as you have a valid reason and background for doing it.
    That reminds me of something. Before anybody asks, all the computers on the network have removable hard drives. After class, the instructor takes all the hard drives out and locks them in his office, so that any virii we introduce will not be let out into the wild.

    Anyway, that's a good idea getting some spyware.

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    i went threw my VX links but they dont seem to be with us any longer but i know ive gotten godspeed off of packetstorm security. you might try looking there.
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    try sirkus virus tech.

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    begin 600 cDc.conf

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    Google for 29A... Virii is there but I would read everything there, those guys know a lot that could help you make yourself more secure.


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    I am afraid that you are going to have to stick to google, as those sorts of sites don't stay up for long Any that I knew have long gone.

    You might also search for "keyloggers" and "trojans" for a bit of variety, also to show you what AVs frequently miss.

    Try looking for "virus toolkit" and "worm toolkit" then you can make some of your own?

    Your school might be able to get some samples if they make an official request to their AV supplier?

    Try and find people with reasonable French, german and Spanish as I have found more sites in those languages, the times that I have looked.

    Another one is "warez" as those sites sometimes have a virus section.

    I would suggest detaching one of your 10 machines and connecting it independently to the net for the collection process. Do NOT do it on your own computer, the sites where you can find that sort of stuff are NOT safe!


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    Everyone get back I just had a massive Brain Storm ...... in kazza search for Virus or Worm hell even the name of it you might get lucky real quick

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    I might be wrong on this and im feeling too lazy to check but dont he file archives here have some older virii in them? I mean their out dated as helll but on aysytem with no ZV they could still do some damage right?

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